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To meet the public demand Headset mobile phone users to listen to how to choose
Source:Ephone Power Technology Company Limited   Time:2018-04-20  Hits:890
With the popularity of smart mobile devices, a variety of consumer especially young consumers basic computer from the body, the mobile device can let us put the fragments of the time used effectively, while increasing the entertainment and interest. In addition, in the aspects of listening and hands-free calls, you need to Headset to help. On the one hand is in order not to affect the people around, on the other hand also to hear more fun, up to very high sound insulation effect. However, to choose a good mobile phone Headset is not easy thing.

The first step is to choose Headset to choose their own like type KZ Headset. At present there are Bluetooth Headset and cable Headset two on the market of mobile phone Headset, if it is not convenient for handheld mobile phone occasions a Bluetooth Headset good, KZ Bluetooth Headset eliminates wire troubles, especially suitable for outdoor listening, however, Bluetooth Headset disadvantage is the limited capacity of battery.

As a Headset speaking, the most important still sound quality, at the time of purchase, the first to go through with listening, whether the sound leakage detection, is Headset worn on the ear up to proper volume, is next to the people can hear the sound. Loss of sounds Headset generally belongs to the design of products fail.

Quality aspect to sound pure, no noise. Headset sounding unit consists of moving coil and moving iron, that ear deep is moving iron type sound insulation effect will be better. But the mobile phone Headset differs from HiFi so exquisite (should pay attention to different segmental expression, to consider, as long as the combined ear sensitivity) can start to feel good.

If the selection of cable Headset pay wearing comfort. Whether the ear or head mounted Headset, the first consideration is the wearing is comfortable, because the ear shape of each person is different, so the evaluation is not comfortable for you.

The wire, Headset often damaged part is the jack near the line, so the quality of good Headset this part to have tenacity. If the position is very soft, often can appear inside break, and then you can a Headset and even the whole Headset broken.

Since it is a mobile phone Headset, microphone is an important parameter, can test whether the call is to listen to each other and clear voice, to accept the effect is good. This must personally testing, can know through effect.

After the above models, sound quality, wear, wire and microphone through the effect of several aspects of the judgment, consumers basically can buy a good mobile phone earphone.

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